Vimium - Options

map l nextTab
map h previousTab
map d removeTab
map u restoreTab
map gf toggleViewSource
map y copyCurrentUrl

### Sample Settings

# aliases
# in this example you can open extensions page by the command ':ext'
# and Chrome's option page by the command ':option'
alias ext TabOpenNew chrome://extensions/
alias option TabOpenNew chrome://settings/browser

# mappings for opening your favorite web page
nmap t :TabOpenNew
nmap g :TabOpenNew
nmap m :TabOpenNew
nmap f :TabOpenNew
nmap r :TabOpenNew
nmap e :TabOpenNew
nmap c :TabOpenNew

# F for continuous f-Mode
# this is recomended setting but commented out by default.
# if you want to use this setting, use the following
#nmap F :GoFMode --newtab --continuous

# if you want to change the key used to escape EmergencyMode mode,
# use emap like the following
#emap :Escape

## pagecmd offers you page specific key mapping.
# in this example you can use , for moving between tabs
# on all web pages regardless of your ignored list setting
# because pagecmd has higher priority than ignored URLs.
#pagecmd * nmap :TabFocusNext
#pagecmd * nmap :TabFocusPrev
pagecmd * nmap l :TabFocusNext
pagecmd * nmap h :TabFocusPrev
nmap l :TabFocusNext
nmap h :TabFocusPrev

# almost all Vichrome functions don't work properly for pdf contents
# so it's useful to enable default key bindings for pdf file.
pagecmd *.pdf nmap

# if you want to use twitter web's key binding, write settings like below
#pagecmd http*://* nmap f
#pagecmd http*://* nmap r

namp :Escape
#nmap t :Tab
nmap b :TabList
nmap d :TabCloseCurrent

nmap T :OpenNewTab -i
nmap t :OpenNewTab -i g

gf : TabOpenNew --next view-source:%url
y : copyurl